Chinese university releases new-generation robot dog

Zhejiang University in east China has recently released its new-generation product Jueying, a quadruped robot dog that can jump across a hoop and waggle a ball in the air and land smoothly.

The robot dog, weighing about 40 kilograms, was designed to simulate real ones, with a length of 0.85 meters and a height of 0.65meters.

It could jump 1.5 meters and is able to jump over a barrier as high as 0.4 meters, which allows it to adapt to the natural environment more easily.

Meanwhile, Jueying can find its own charger with superior sensory abilities and charge itself.

Developed by a research team from Zhejiang University with DeepRobotics, a high-tech company, the newest version has been improved in terms of motion performance and sensory ability, compared with the previous two versions launched in February and December 2018.




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