Zhejiang University unveils quadruped robot dog

People's Daily, China14 November 2019 ·#MadeInChina: Zhejiang University unveils quadruped robot dog

A startup team from Zhejiang University has unveiled its latest quadruped robot dog, which can jump hurdles like a real dog, yet the black “Jueying” still faces public doubts as to whether it is a copy of the yellow “Spot” from Boston Dynamics.

DeepRobotics, the Hangzhou-based startup team, unveiled the latest version of “Jueying” this week, after the black robot dog first launched last year. The robot dog, which is 85 cm in length and 65 cm in height, is more agile than before.

It can jump as high as 70 cm and is able to clear 40-cm-high obstacles. Improved algorithms have also made it more adaptable to complex road conditions, enabling the robot dog to self-navigate while avoiding obstacles.

According to the team, the robot dog will be equipped with more cameras and censors to conduct patrols in mine parks or railway tunnels.

While many applauded the advancement, some also raised questions as to whether the team was a mere copycat of Boston Dynamics, whose quadruped robot dog ”Spot” is a well-known star.

Commenting on that, Zhu Qiuguo, the team founder, said last June that the technological gap between Boston Dynamics and other robotic research institutes is what drove him to start the Chinese company.

Zhu also said that he is confident that his team can catch up with the US giant. “If one compares Boston Dynamics to Bill Gates, then the rest of the world will probably be beggars on the street. However, Jueying (the Chinese robot) can be regarded as Ma Yun from China,” Zhu said. (by Jiang Jie)




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