The JY family of DeepRobotics were appearance at ICRA 2021

ICRA 2021(The International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2021 ) was held in Xi 'an International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 30 to June 6, 2021.ICRA 2021 is sponsored by IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),which is a top international conference for robotics and automation researchers to present and discuss scientific research achievements.

Deeprobotics as a leader in intelligent quadruped robot technology and application,who presented the full series of intelligent quadruped robots, "JY PRO", "JY ", "JY MINI", and "JY MINI Lite". To showcase our cutting-edge technology to professionals from the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and automation, and become the focus of the exhibition.

"JY" : The first domestic industry application oriented intelligent quadruped robot in China.

By carrying functional modules of different application scenarios that the superior movement ability and high adaptability of complex terrain are organically integrated with the business-oriented functional modules. The JY quadruped robot has accumulated rich experience in the exploration of power patrol scenes. A JY quadruped robot can cover a substation of 25,000 square meters.An artificial intelligence enhancement method by Zhejiang University in China and the University of Edinburgh in the UK has made JY quadruped robor learn how to walk and recover from falls autonomously. The research results have been featured on the cover of Science Robotics(AAAS).

JY Mini& JY Mini Lite:General-purpose dexterous intelligent quadruped robot, with voice interaction, sound source location and other functions, and has map construction, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, human following and other capabilities.

Collaborative Quadruped Robot: "JY PRO" is equipped with a flexible robot arm to grasp objects and move positions autonomously.

Deeprobotics is at the international forefront in the fields of intelligent quadruped robot core components and system development, advanced motion control algorithm, intelligent environment perception and AI algorithm, etc. Deeprobotics is committed to achieve a more efficient and intelligent future through the ultimate combination of motion and intelligence.




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