JY Quadruped Robot Has Completed Unmanned Patrol of 500 kV Cable Tracks

Last month, JY quadruped robot has successfully completed unmanned patrol on a 500 kV cable track.JY has become the first quadruped robot that can be used in underground space to realize unmanned patrol of cable track and detection cable state in China.

It provides a solution to the high risk factor in the confined space of cable tunnel, the difficulty of manual patrol efficiency to meet the number of urban high-voltage cables, and effectively reduces the patrol cost of high-voltage cable lines and channels in the tunnel, and improve the patrol quality.

Through the analysis of actual demand of electric-power industry, Deeprobotics has carried out the secondary development and technical iteration of JY, and overcome many technical difficulties about remote control,motion linkage,etc,. For example, a five-degree-freedom robot arm can achieve flexible expansion and free rotation. It is equipped with video sensors, infrared thermometers and gas detection sensors. Related to intelligent sensors detected information, after filtered, analysis, reorganization, arrangement, can not only form a three-dimensional environment model,topographic map,realizing navigation planning,

autonomous obstacle avoidance and other basic functions, also can show the real-time situation in cable monitoring platform that helped operational staff accurate monitoring of cable in orbit case.It initially realizes full coverage, full identification, real-time monitoring, unmanned autonomous patrol, accurate identification of faults and real-time warning of equipment failure. Accurately and effectively assist staff operation and maintenance operations.

When the operational staff send instructions in monitoring center, the quadruped robot can automatically patrol according to the preset route, or temporarily change the patrol route according to the field situation.

Deeprobotics is committed to providing solutions to customers' real needs that help them realize the transformation from traditional work mode to digital management mode, and comprehensively enhance the "Digital , Intelligent , Full-information" management and control operation.




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