Recently, DeepRobotics announced the latest research and development of the protective version of the quadruped robot dog - JY X20,provide appropriate solutions to the requirements of industrial scenarios.The JY X20 is the first quadruped robot designed for industrial applications in China.

Because of the high repeatability and high intensity of traditional manual work such as security inspection, survey and exploration, the work efficiency is easily affected; The traditional wheeled robot cannot adapt to the outdoor complex terrain; The UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) even can solve some of these problems, but they are difficult to operate in harsh environments, especially rainy and dust, endurance and module expansion are limited by size and load, so DeepRobotics provides an intelligent solution to these problems, and the JY X20 was born.

In order to solve the requirements of changeable environment and multiple application modules in industrial scenarios, JY X20 can support a variety of modular applications,and upgrade the protective level,expansion,load and endurance of quadruped robots in multiple dimensions,so as to establish the requirements of more industries and facilitate multi-field digital applications.

IP66 Industrial Grade Waterproof, All-weather Operation

The JY X20 is an industrial-grade waterproof quadruped robot, which has obtained the IP66 protection level certification and can adapt to outdoor rain weather and prevent dust from entering.

IP66 Protection Level Certification

Waterproof Testing

Strong Load, Strong Adaptability

The JY X20 has a wide external equipment installation platform ,maximum load of up to 50 kg, JY X20 also provides many power supply and communication interfaces to support a variety of modular application combinations. It can be equipped with modules such as holder camera, robot arm, 5G communication, Beidou /GPS/RTK and so on, greatly expanding the application scenarios.

Meter Recognition & Thermal Imaging

Assembly Robot Arm

Long Edurance, Greatly Improve the Working Time

The JY X20 is a quadruped robot dog capable of auto-charging, autonomous route planning, and infinite loop work, working for more than 2 hours with 20kg load and work for maximum to 4 hours without load.

Automatic charging, Infinite loop operation

Full Scene, Full Terrain Coverage, Powerful Obstacle,

In-depth Work in Complex Environment

The JY X20 has powerful motion control technology, capable of crossing 500px obstacles or stairs, climbing 30° slopes, and working in complex environments such as grass, sand, snow, gravel, water ,etc.

Capable of Crossing 500px Obstacles or Stairs, Climbing 30°Slopes

Accurate Perception,Highly Operation Efficiency,

Accelerate Multi-field Digital Transformation

Equipped with multiple depth cameras and multi-line radar, combined with AI and intelligent algorithms, JY X20 can establish accurate autonomous navigation, dynamic obstacle avoidance, terrain recognition, human-computer interaction and other functions.

Autonomous Navigation

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

According to the complex terrain , special weather, bad work environment and others scenes, DeepRobotics combined with the specific industry application requirements, designed to JY X20 that can work in these particular situations, and can assist the staff in security inspection, environment detection, public relief work , effectively reduces the risk of the staff work at the site and repetitive work, Improve work efficiency and quality.




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