A few days ago, a special puppy appeared in Baosteel industrial park, It’s name is JY X20.In the Baosteel,they were called it ”nine-eared dog”. It can be Steady walk/Fast run/Go upstairs/Climb/Walk on muddy or bumpy complex ground. Actually,this is a quadruped robot dog. As an industrial robot, it has protection IP66 grade certificate, waterproof, dustproof and can work in bad conditions. Intelligent manufacturing Institute of Baosteel Research Institute will use "nine-eared dog" to carry out intelligent patrol research in the corridor of raw material belt conveyor.

Baosteel currently has about 5,000 belt conveyors with volume of 250 million tons annually. The belt conveyor had high operation intensity, bad working environment ,dangerous conditions, and high incidence of personnel safety accidents.So that it is extremely urgent to replace the operation with robots. Intelligent manufacturing project of Baosteel Research Institute- The "raw material belt conveyor corridor patrol by quadruped robot" will aim to research how to make the quadruped robot in the narrow corridor for several key techniques ,such as accurate navigation, gait control and patrol strategy, etc,. that established the first time in order to bad working environment , high degree of space limitation belt conveyor patrol industry applications.

The "raw material belt conveyor corridor patrol by quadruped robot" of the biggest problem that is the belt conveyor corridor very narrow, part of the width is 600mm-800mm, narrow corridor has higher requirements for the robot's autonomous navigation accuracy and path planning, autonomous obstacle avoidance and other abilities; Secondly, due to the spread of material in the transportation process, the corridor ground will also accumulate material or encounter water and muddy uneven condition, and the stability of quadruped robot walking gait will also be tested.In addition, the quadruped robot also needs to be install with vision sensors, infrared thermometer, pickup, gas detector and other intelligent sensing equipment. The information collected by these sensors will be sorted, screened and analyzed, and transmitted to the belt conveyor monitoring platform in real time, helping operation and maintenance personnel to identify equipment failures and abnormal warning. To ensure that effectively realized the belt conveyor information, digital, intelligent monitoring and management.

At present,mechanical electrical intelligent manufacture and robot team will focus on characteristics and difficulties of the belt conveyor in airport , to make the verification experiments of key indicator of quadruped robot platform , and based on the platform of existing function to the secondary development and technical iteration that to form a complete set of intelligent patrol solution.To make full support for tens of thousands BAOWU robot to achieve the goal of application.




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