JY Mini Lite2 is an intelligent quadruped robot independently developed by DEEPRobotics. Based on advanced control algorithms, it has multiple motion modes such as walking, sliding, jumping, running, and side&back somersault. It has freely superimposed intelligent modules, capable of autonomous positioning and navigation, real-time obstacle avoidance, and visual recognition. It has a user-oriented design concept, with new functions such as voice interaction, sound source positioning, and safety and collision avoidance, giving users a better interactive experience and safety assurance.

JY Mini Lite2 open control and perception protocol is an intelligent robot system platform that can be re-developed.The multi-disciplinary practical teaching, academic researches and the professional competitions can be realized .

Core Features:

Dexterous athletic ability

-Stronger obstacle crossing ability

-Maximum speed: 4m/s

-Easily adapt to 250px steps

-Climbing 33° Slope

High-strength core components to support more creative movement modes

-Continuous bound

-Jump in motion

-Twisting jump

-… and more

Voice intelligent interaction

Mobile phone app / bluetooth headset control

-Support Bluetooth headset remote interaction, use sound to turn on professional perception and motion control

Quick pluggable battery

-Convenient replacement

-Strong endurance and output capacity

Professional laser &Visual perception realizes autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance

-Front and rear obstacle stop,

-Autonomous navigation,

-Dynamic obstacle avoidance

-Visual positioning highlights of environmental reconstruction

Depth camera to acquire depth image and 3D point cloud

-Color + grayscale binocular camera,

-Open source projects realize convenient development




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